Databases are our business

RDBMS, Big Data, Cubes....

Managing Data is our Business

Atlantic Automation were founded in 1989. We design and build databases, datawarehouses data marts, operational data stores and big data systems.
    • Database platforms we support

        Sorry, but we do not support MySQL. It is too slow, cannot be encrypted and is far too easy to "hack". We are proud of our work and we therfore only support databases which we can guarantee will properly perform:
      • Microsoft SQL Server - including the free-to-use Express version
      • ORACLE
      • IBM DB2 and UDB
      • Sybase
      • Ingres
      • Teradata
      • Hadoop (and integration via Sqoop)

Project Management

Because we know so much about databases, we also know how long works with databases take. Our on-site project managers provide an un-varnished view of a project. Our current figures are delivery on-time, on-budget 97%.

Document Storage and Management (DSR) System

Built using our own rock-solid database skills the Atlantic Automation DSR system is easily the most stable and cost-effective document management platform available.
  • Directly scales to the petabye databases
  • Integrated document scanning and cleanup application
  • Single point backup. Documents are held (encrypted) in the database, not spread onto the file system.
  • Atlantic Automation

    We are the database company. Anything to do with databases. From providing first class on-site business analysts (BAs) to establish a solid base for a project plan, through project planning to modelling. Logical, physical, dimensional and big data. We have really top people as designers, using leading-edge tools like CA ERWin. Implementation. We can sort that for you as well with C#, C++ and Java code to support your requirements. Finally, we document our work. Full specification document set, design sets, data dictionaries. We even document our C# code. Nothing left to chance.

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    Our Products

    We are very careful about the products we sell. We will only supply "best of breed".


  • DSR System for document storage
  • F-Secure for anti-virus and anti-intrusion
  • Novastore for backup

  • Database Encryption

    If you hold Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in non-encrypted form, and those data are stolen your company is liable. We encrypt (to military standard) all PII data in any system we design/build. At no extra cost.

    We support

  • RSA Encrption
  • DES Encrption
  • AES Encrption
  • Eliptic curve Encrption
  • Multi-layer (superencryption) supported as standard

    Encrption Breifing Paper

    On-site Business Analyst

    £450 per day
    • Stakeholder meetings. Full document set.

    On Site Senior Project Manager

    £550 per day
    • Agile or Waterfall. Fully costed project plan and quote

    Database/Cube/Big Data Design

    £550 per day
    • ER Diag. Data dictionary. Full working build and documentation. Database encryption included

    UI Implementation

    £200-500 per day
    • Multi layer, secured C# code. Fully documented
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  • Atlantic Automation Ltd
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